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Security Stop Press : $6 Million Fine For Deepfake Robocalls

A political consultant who paid a local street magician $150 to make a deepfake anti-Biden robocall, asking people not to vote in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, is now facing $6 million fine.

It’s been alleged that Steven Kramer, 54, of New Orleans, commissioned and paid for the bogus Biden AI deepfake voice call, used ID spoofing to hide the source, and hired a telemarketing firm to play fake recording to 5,000+ voters over the phone.

Mr Kramer now faces felony charges of voter suppression and misdemeanor impersonation of a candidate and faces the multi-million dollar fine from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for the bogus call. This is likely to send a powerful message to those looking to misuse AI deepfakes in this year’s US presidential election.