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Tech Tip – Developing A Consistent Brand Voice Using ChatGPT

If you want to develop a comprehensive guide on your brand’s voice and writing style to ensure consistency across all company communications, you can use ChatGPT to help you. Here’s how:

– Open ChatGPT and input a description of the attributes of your brand’s voice (e.g. professional / friendly / authoritative) and any specific do’ss and don’ts in your communication (e.g. usage of jargon, or tone adjustments for different audiences).

– Ask ChatGPT to compile a set of guidelines that detail how to communicate in your brand’s voice, including examples of appropriate and inappropriate phrases.

– For example, to draft an email in the brand’s voice, , state the purpose of the email and any key information that needs to be included and ask ChatGPT to draft the email based on the provided brand voice summary and content specifics.

– Review the draft, and revise if necessary.

– The brand voice guidelines can be applied in a similar way to all other types of communications you write using ChatGPT.