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Tech Tip – Edit A PDF Using Google Drive

Tech Tip

If you have a Google account, you can use Google Drive to open and edit a PDF. Here’s how: Right click on the PDF in Google Drive and select ‘Open With > Google Docs’. Edit the PDF. To re-save it as a PDF, go to ‘File’ (top left), ‘Download > PDF Document (.pdf)’.

Tech Tip – How To Colour Code Your Outlook Calendar

If you’d like to get more at-a-glance organisation and track all items related to a project or task in your Microsoft Outlook calendar, colour-coding can help. Here’s how to add it: – From the main calendar view, right click on an appointment, meeting, or event in your calendar, select ‘Categorize’ and select a colour category. […]

Tech Tip – YouTube Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some fast and easy keyboard shortcuts to save time in navigating YouTube videos: – To pause or play a video, press the space bar. – Press m to mute/unmute the video. – Move 10 seconds forwards by pressing L, and 10 seconds back by pressing j. – Press f for full screen and […]