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Tech News : Apple, Google and Microsoft In Password Collaboration

Apple, Google and Microsoft have announced that they are joining forces to support a common passwordless sign-in standard that will allow websites and apps to offer consistent, secure and easy sign-ins across devices and platforms. The Problem With Password-Only   Relying on password-only authentication is known to present many risks and challenges such as managing multiple […]

Tech News : Microsoft’s Self-Updating Emails

As part of its roll-out of the collaborative working ‘Loop’ app, Microsoft has announced that as part of its ‘365 Roadmap’, self-updating Loop elements can now be included in Outlook emails. What Is Loop? In November 2021, Microsoft unveiled its ‘Loop’ collaborative app which it described as “a flexible canvas with portable components” designed for assisting with […]

STILL not prepared for The 2020 Problem?

The 2020 Problem From 14th January, Windows 7 is dead. So is Office 2010. And a series of popular server software. Microsoft has killed them off, because they’re no longer fit for purpose. And if you have just one machine in your business still running this dead software, you’re at risk. We believe that hackers who’ve discovered […]