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Featured Article: Tracking What Happens To Attachments After They’re Sent

In this article, we look at how there are several risks and challenges associated with sending email attachments, how businesses can track emails, and about a new product that could allow greater visibility and control of what happens to email attachments after they’ve been sent. What Happens When Emails With Attachments Are Sent?  Modern email […]

Tech News : Microsoft’s Self-Updating Emails

As part of its roll-out of the collaborative working ‘Loop’ app, Microsoft has announced that as part of its ‘365 Roadmap’, self-updating Loop elements can now be included in Outlook emails. What Is Loop? In November 2021, Microsoft unveiled its ‘Loop’ collaborative app which it described as “a flexible canvas with portable components” designed for assisting with […]

Inbox Zero every day!

Wouldn’t that be epic. No emails at the end of each day. No worrying that you’ve missed something important. Or scrolling through the same emails again and again, when you’d rather be playing with your kids (doh). Inbox Zero isn’t reached by having fewer emails… that’s really hard to achieve. Instead, you need to change […]