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Security Stop-Press : QuickBooks Customers Targeted By Phishing Attacks

Tax software vendor Intuit has warned that QuickBooks customers are being targeted with phishing attacks that are impersonating the company and are designed to lure targets with fake account suspension warnings. The phishing emails ask targets to click on a “Complete Verification” button which re-directs them to a phishing site designed to harvest personal information […]

Cybercrime 5 Step Plan to protect your business

Cybercrime 5 Step Plan to Protect your Business Did you know the world economy loses more than $1 trillion to cyber-crime every year. which is due to grow in 2021 to $6 trillion. AND, 90% of UK security breaches in 2019 were caused by human error! Fact: Your business needs to be as prepared as […]

Working from home

Working from home With the current situation, it’s critical right now that your staff use their own devices for work. This has a name – BYOD – meaning Bring Your Own Device. But there are LOTS of things to consider, to keep your company data safe on their devices. So we’ve written a brand new […]

Get your staff onboard with Cyber Security

The most robust way to protect your business from hackers is to mobilise your staff Cyber criminals are targeting all businesses, all the time. They want to get into your systems and find ways to steal cash from you. While software is critical to protect you, there is an even stronger front line defence you […]

Hackers are targeting your business right now

This is 100% true Because they are targeting all businesses, all of the time. Whereas once hacking was something done for the challenge and the bragging rights, these days it’s a form of organised crime. Hackers use automated tools that are constantly looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit. This is why it takes just one […]

Cyber Security Guide

One dodgy click is all it takes… to give hackers access to your system The way that hackers work these days, they don’t target specific businesses. It’s very likely they’ve never heard of your business. That’s why most owners and managers think that cyber crime will never affect them. But actually, hackers are targeting ALL businesses, […]

How secure are your passwords

5 terrifying password stats – that prove your business is at risk You probably know that cyber crime is a massive threat to businesses everywhere. You probably alsoknow that poor password practice is a major contributing factor in data breaches and hacking attacks… … if not THE major contributing factor. If you’ve already got your password […]