Is your Data Safe?

When was the last time you tested your backups!?

We have a complete automated and monitored backup solution

Backing up mission critical data can effectively prevent data loss when a local site was hit by some severe disaster like ransomware, fire, flooding, theft, etc.  Enhance Systems local / remote / cloud backup solution keeps your business data safe, ensuring a fast recovery should a disaster happen!

We ensure your Server data is safe
using the 3-2-1+1 backup rule

Copies of Data
Different Locations
Offsite Copy

+1 Extra copy of the offsite data

How our Backup works

Over 150Tb of data backed up to the cloud
All backups are enabled with 256-bit truly randomised encryption to eliminate the chance of your data being compromised.

… tested regularly for integrity …
All data is stored to GDPR standard!

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Microsoft do not backup your Office 365 data. But we do.

Features of our Office 365 backup:

  • Protection against data loss: Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens, Enhance Systems Backup offers the ability to quickly search for and recover what you need.

  • Access to email for ex-employees: If employees leave and you don’t want to continue paying an Office 365 subscription fee simply to store their email and shared documents, Enhance Systems Backup for Office 365 offers an additional way to retain and access this data.

  • Support for Compliance: If you’re an organisation that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, Enhance Systems Backup is designed to help you retain and archive critical data.  Exchange mailbox data is retained for 7 years, OneDrive and SharePoint data for 1 year.

  • Shared Mailboxes: We backup all your shared mailboxes and don’t charge a penny.

  • Automation: Enhance Systems Backup is fully automated in the cloud, letting you get on with your work without the worry of data loss.

  • Point-in-time restore: Exchange mailboxes are automatically backed up every four hours, and OneDrive and SharePoint accounts every six hours, giving you multiple restore points every day. Choose the one you want, and recover fast.

  • Unlimited Data: Every user gets unlimited data storage (fair usage policy applies), so you don’t have to worry if your plan has enough data and simplifying your billing.

  • UK Datacentre: All data is stored in the UK

  • No setup charges: We don’t charge for setting up your Office 365 Backup, regardless of the company size.

Because Microsoft don’t do it for you. It’s a common misconception that has been overlooked for many years. At best, you’re getting 30 days of file retention, which is not a substitute for real backup.

Put bluntly, when (not if) you get hit by an urgent need to restore backed-up data, in order to safeguard your business operations, Office 365 is highly likely to let you down.

Consider Enhance Systems office 365 Backup a worthwhile insurance policy for your business – much like building or fire safety insurance, when you need it, we’re there.

That’s the problem – they don’t.

What are often thought of as ‘backup’ features within Microsoft’s cloud don’t meet the criteria for backup at all; they are merely storage or versioning, and they come with limited capacities and unwelcome baggage – for example:

  • Insufficient retention  There’s optional 30-day retention in Office 365’s Recoverable Items folder – that’s certainly not enough to qualify it as backup, yet the default setting is a mere 14 days!
  • Single point of failure for data loss  When the Recoverable Items bin is purged (by you, by an admin, deliberately, accidentally, by malware or a malicious insider) that data is gone for good. Risky, right?
  • Weak versioning  Office 365 keeps up to 500 versions of each file – that sounds a lot, but it’s saving your data every few seconds, so the version count very soon gets eaten up (potentially taking the version that you need with it!)
  • Expensive, inflexible, non-compliant  Microsoft’s Retention Lock in Office 365 extends its versioning capability, but eats into your storage, forcing you to buy more of it (clever, huh?) It’s also hugely complex to configure, and permanently irreversible – problematic for compliance considerations like the right to be forgotten and legal hold.

It won’t! The whole process is completely invisible to end users, and won’t get in the way of your workday, meaning everyone can carry on as normal.

It’s a seamless ‘set and forget’ experience.

​Never say never! And remember, many years ago, we didn’t know we needed to backup and secure our hard drives – until the mounting vulnerabilities presented themselves in ugly ways. Now, it’s standard practice for businesses. Your chances of needing it are a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Here are a few sobering stats that should give some perspective:

  • Much of your data is already exposed  An estimated 21% of all folders in an average company – including your Office 365 data – are open to all your company users.
  • Data loss costs in more ways than one  Over 33% of lost data is, or includes, customer information and financial information, which can be hugely damaging to business continuity, reputation and income. (Beaming, 2018)
  • Data loss can end a business  A study carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce found that 93% of businesses that suffer extended data loss file for bankruptcy within one year – and 50% immediately.
  • RansomCloud is real  You’ve heard of ransomware? Well, RansomCloud is the same, only instead of attacking and encrypting a physical computer and its attached networks, RansomCloud latches on to and encrypts cloud services (SaaS) – and Microsoft Office 365 is a top target due to its widespread adoption.

It’s not worth the risk! The cost of negligence vastly outweighs the cost of investment in the protection we offer.

Our professional technicians can have you setup within an hour, and we don’t charge a penny to get you up and going.  Once setup we actively monitor all backups to ensure everything is running as it should.

Protect your business’s most important asset, your data!

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