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Featured Article : AWS Studio : Apps In Minutes!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a public preview of its new AI-powered AWS App Studio which it says uses natural language to create enterprise-grade applications in minutes, without requiring software development skills. What Is It?  AWS App Studio is a newly launched platform by Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed to enable users to create […]

Tech Insight : Shadow AI and Shadow SaaS Risks?

A Next DLP survey (conducted at RSA Conference 2024 and Infosecurity Europe 2024) has revealed how the rise of ‘Shadow SaaS’ and ‘Shadow AI’ may be putting businesses at risk of data loss, lack of visibility, and data breaches. What Are Shadow SaaS and Shadow AI?  Shadow SaaS refers to the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) […]

Tech News : 15X Samsung Profits (But Workers Strike)

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics has reported that it expects its profits for the three months to June 2024 to have increased by a massive 15-fold on last year. AI Driving Chip Prices  Samsung is the world’s largest memory chip, smartphone and TV maker and the company’s (predicted) profit jump to $10.4 trillion from $670 billion […]

Tech News : WhatsApp Voice Transcriptions

It’s been reported that WhatsApp may soon be introducing voice-note transcriptions, which should save time, make it easier for users in noisy environments, and improve the efficiency of communications. Voice Notes  WhatsApp’s’ Voice notes (introduced in 2013) is a feature whereby users can record audio messages within the chat interface. Users simply press and hold […]

An Apple Byte : iPhone Smishing Scam Warning

Apple has warned iPhone users to be on their guard against a new ‘smishing’ (SMS phishing) scam where the perpetrators are posing as Apple. The scam involves the scammers contacting iPhone users with the excuse of needing to sort out a login issue. The targeted users are sent a URL which actually leads to a […]

Security Stop Press : Encryption Risks : New Quantum Chip

Start-up Oxford Ionics (founded 2019) recently reported that its new quantum chip breaks global quantum performance records, providing over twice the performance of previous world records, and without using error correction. What’s more, the company reports that the new quantum chip can be built at scale in existing semiconductor factories. Dr Michael Cuthbert, Director of […]

Sustainability-in-Tech : Amazon’s Energy Success

Amazon recently boasted reaching its 100 per cent renewable energy goal seven years earlier than the 2030 goal. However, with Microsoft and Google disclosing an increase in greenhouse gasses due to infrastructure expansion, we look at whether the prospects of hyperscalers actually hitting their renewable energy targets (and carbon reduction targets) are realistic. Amazon Hits […]

Tech Tip – Use The Calculator’s Hidden Features

You may not know that the Windows Calculator app also includes several hidden features such as scientific, programmer, date calculation modes, a currency converter, and more … making it a versatile tool for various tasks. Here’s how to use the hidden features: To Open The Calculator – Press Win + S and type Calculator, then […]

Featured Article : ‘Pay or Consent’ Model Breaches Rules

Following an investigation into whether the big tech companies are complying with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, the European Commission’s preliminary findings say that Meta’s ‘Pay or Consent’ model for data-sharing is in breach of its new rules. Investigation  The European Commission (EC) launched an investigation into Google, Apple, and Meta to determine […]