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Tech News : Microsoft 365 Gets ChatGPT Technology Called ‘Copilot’

Microsoft has announced that it is to help users save time and increase productivity by embedding its AI chatbot ‘Copilot’ into popular Microsoft 365 apps. Embedded In Popular Apps  Microsoft says that the Copilot chatbot has been embedded in the popular Microsoft 365 apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams. Like Chat GPT, Copilot is […]

Featured Article : ChatGPT-3(4…5…?) : What’s Going On?

Following the news that Microsoft will soon be integrating Copilot, an AI large language model (LLM) like the one behind ChatGPT, into Microsoft 365, we look at how this will help businesses, what OpenAI’s GPT-4 will bring, and Google’s response. Copilot  Microsoft announced last week that it will soon be adding Copilot to Microsoft365. Copilot […]

Tech News : Dept. Of Health Spent More On iPhones Than Defibrillators

The UK government Department of Health (DOH) is facing criticism over a report that says it spent more on new Apple iPhones than it did on defibrillators last year. £1.5 Million Spent On iPhones For Whitehall Staff  The report from the Mirror newspaper highlighted how, in 2022, the DOH spent £1.5 million buying iPhones for […]

Tech Insight : What is GPL And How Does It Affect Businesses?

In this insight, we look at what GPL is, how it relates to the right to repair, and how businesses can be affected if other businesses don’t fulfil their obligation under GPL. General Public License (GPL)  The General Public License (GPL) is a widely used open-source software license that grants users the right to use, […]

Tech-Trivia : Did You Know?

On 14th March 1950, the first prototype of the silicon transistor was demonstrated by researchers at Bell Labs, the company spawned from its eponymous founder Alexander Graham Bell (i.e. the person widely accredited with inventing the telephone). This incredible breakthrough device then paved the way for modern digital electronics. Some people may even remember the […]

Security Stop-Press : UK Security Agency Highlights Chatbot Risks Highlighted

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that entering personal information in chatbots like ChatGPT means that it is stored and is likely to be used for developing the LLM service or model. This could mean that the LLM provider (or its partners/contractors) can read queries and may incorporate them into future versions, […]

Tech Tip – Using The Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

In addition to Windows Defender, Windows 10 has a Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) that’s designed to remove hidden malware from your device, and normally receives regular updates and runs itself in the background. However, if you’re worried you have a malware infection, you can download and run it manually. Here’s how: – Click on […]

Tech News : HSBC Buys Collapsed Tech Bank

There was some relief from UK businesses hoping for government help following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) after HSBC rescued the UK arm of the bank by buying it for £1. What Happened?  Due to what many financial analysts believe to be SVB making some bad investments and betting (badly) on interest rates, […]

Tech Insight : Netflix Plans To Tackle Password Sharing

Here we look at how popular streaming service Netflix has faced a user backlash on social media after it accidentally posted what appear to be some unpopular plans to tackle password sharing on its platform. What’s Been The Problem?  In recent years, and particularly during the pandemic, Netflix has faced the issue of password sharing, […]

Featured Article : WhatsApp’s UK Threats Over Online Safety Bill

The boss of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, has said he would rather stop users in the UK from using the app than lower its security, as suggested by the UK’s Online Safety Bill. End-to-end Encrypted App  One of the key security features of Meta’s WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption. This ensures that only the intended recipient […]